Vintage Telephones.
We hold a huge selection of GPO, PO, GEC, and BT, UK edition telephones. Our growing and revolving inventory includes Two-tone Grey, Topaz Yellow, Black, Concord Blue, Lacquer Red, Two-tone Green, Light Ivory and Brown.

We also have a ‘mix and match’ service, to allow customers to choose their own colour variations, in addition to this, we have our own in-house repair service for the 746 series telephones, and we also buy old phones.

Pieces range from 1958 to 1985, and prices start from as little as £30.00 GBP.

Please enquire about the availability and prices.

The 706 telephone was introduced in 1959. The 746 was first introduced in 1967 to replace the 706.

All our telephones have been fully converted with a standard BT line cord and are sold tested and ready to use on today’s ‘pulse’ telephone systems.
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